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Hosting couldn't be easier, if you have a CD-i related website and wish to join the CDinteractive network then simply contact us to make arrangements. We provide a Private FTP account, e-mail, sub-domain or possibly even your own unique domain and your own messageboard under the Hosted Sites Forums category. As a hosted site you will have the full support of an established network.

If you don't have a CD-i website but have an idea to create one then please contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting. Although we do provide support unfortunately we can't design a website for you, other websites hosted under the CDinteractive network including The Black Moon Project, The CD-i Store and The New International CD-i Association require our full attention leaving precious little time to develop another project.

This service costs you nothing, we only ask that you run your project responsibly, submit to the same forums as CDinteractive and also provide a link back to the CDinteractive network through a small icon.

The New International CD-i Association

The Blackmoon Project CD-i Store

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