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Established in June 2005 the CDinteractive network was created in response to the deteriorating CD-i resources available on the internet to the general public. The only aim of the network is to provide full hosting services to any CD-i related website furnishing any project with webspace, e-mail, integral community forums, domain name and the full support of our staff.

This is not an empty promise, if you have a genuine CD-i website that requires hosting or maybe even an idea for a new website related to CD-i you'd like to create then look no further. As the CDinteractive network has already proven we're fully capable of getting such a resource up and running with our first hosted website The New International CD-i Association. This historical resource had become lost through expiration of its web address for months but through the CDinteractive network it was possible to resurrect the longest standing CD-i website ever created.

The New International CD-i Association

The Blackmoon Project CD-i Store

Hosted Through the CDinteractive Network